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 We believe it is of the utmost importance to not only care for the physical your body's  well-being but your emotional, mind, and spiritual well-being as well. Often times, we have had to endure life changing situations the leaves us feeling unsettled and depleted. Join us at our world class Centers for Healing  sanctuary where we offer holistic approaches and practices  to  ignite mind, body, and spirit restoration and transformation. Everyone is welcomed to indulge,  recharge, and renew themselves  in  tranquility of our sanctuary where  patience, understanding, and nurturing  are  in abundance. 

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  • 7-day Stay
  • 2 weeks stay
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  • 6 week stay



Unlock your full potential through our Seminars:

  • Meditation for Beginners Course M101
  • Meditation for  the Intermediate  Course M102
  • Meditation for the Advanced Course M103
  • Manifestation - Self Creation Course M112
  • Herbology for Beginners Course H101
  • Mind Body Spirit Transformation  Course  MB101
  • Cannabis Miracles and Healing  Course C103  
  • Power in Motion- Path to Self Discovery &Development  Course P101, P102, P102A
  • Introduction to Chakra  tuning Course C122
  • Yoga Methodology Course C123
  • The Transformative Power of Plants Course C103A
  • Energy Healing - Course in the Human Bio-fields E111, E112 E113 

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