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BioBotany combines 150 years of research and experience  to uncover the  hidden benefits of  plant genetics and its beneficial impact to the human body at its cellular level.  Through  exploration of metabolic engineering  used to make foods that differ only in their content of specific phytonutrients, we have extrapolated the  potency and formulation of plants that can be used to revitalize the human body's cellular functions.  Our research has  provided significant insight into which metabolites promote health and how they work. 

 We understand that plant biochemistry can make significant contributions to human health through the identification and measurement of the many metabolites in plant-based foods, particularly those known to promote health.  One of the most pressing challenges for the next 50 years is to reduce the impact of chronic disease. Unhealthy eating  is an increasing problem and underlies much of the increase in mortality from chronic diseases that is occurring worldwide.  Diets rich in plant-based foods are strongly associated with reduced risks of major chronic diseases, and the constituents in plants that promote health.

BioBotany's plant-human science can reduce some of the complexity of the diet-health relationship,  through building multidisciplinary interactions with researchers in nutrition and the pathology of chronic diseases. 

We offer a holistic approach to wellness, health and healing. Join us at our holistic world class Centers for Healing in at the Sanctuary.  



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